6 Bridges Cruise
Discover the banks of the Douro aboard a typical Rabelo boat!
Exploring one of the main characteristics of the city of Porto, the Douro river offers us an enthralling adventure on the typical Rabelo boat.
In the past, these boats were used to transport barrels of wine from the Douro valley to cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Currently, they are the protagonists of all the photographs by the river, framed by one of the imposing bridges that cross it.
When booking the 6 Bridges Cruise, MyStay offers a unique experience that completes the activity perfectly - a
Wine Tasting at Espaço Porto Cruz.
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WINES AT Espaço Porto Cruz
The tour lasts 1 hour, where you can enjoy the landscape that brings together the two banks of the river, as well as the six bridges, each with different styles and histories.
What is included in this offer?
  • 6 Bridges Cruise: Discover the shores of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia on a 50-minute cruise, aboard a typical Rabelo boat, for 2 people - 35€ 15% discount
  • Wine Tasting: Wine Tasting at Espaço Porto Cruz, for 2 people - 29.99€  OFFER
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